How We Got Started:

    In 1971 Barney, as a youth, started working with leather, making vests and other motorcycle related products in Morristown,NJ.
In 1979 Barney started selling his products at motorcycle events, and in 1981 he started his own line of apparel in his home under the of Vested Interest.
    In 1982 Barney started contracting his apparel to subcontractors in the leather garment areas of New Jersey. He ran a successful retail and mail-order business from his home in Dingman's Ferry, PA.
    In 1987 Barney's became a distributor for Major Manufactures.
1994, Barney's Leather became a major importer of leather apparel.
Now, Barney's Leather Inc, is the southeast's largest importer of motorcycle apparel.
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